Thursday, April 29, 2010

First "Weak" Sales

98,000 Copies in the first week

18,500 Copies in the first week
6,100 Copies in the first week


4,600 Copies in the first week

Usher's Raymind V.S Raymond is certified GOLD after a month in stores

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EVENT: CHICKEN + BEER - Friday April 30

New York Alliance and Elroy Jenkins Bring You-

$15 IN ADVANCE // $25 @ THE DOOR
Tickets available @ BREAKERNYC.COM

Jaze Art Remote
Skeme Richards

2 v 2 BBoy
2 v 2 House Dance
-$500 cash prize for each-

227 4th Avenue // BK, NY 11215
(R Train to Union Street)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's Hotter (Part 10)

I heard that you can't survive off just talent, I also heard that you cant survive off just looks. I guess since songstress Alicia Keys has both, she has been able to survive in the game. Jumping on the scene in the early 2000's it seems that we haven't stopped talking about her since. Every singe project that she has puts out to date as been a major success and then some.

Keys is a low Key kind of girl whose never shy to display her talent. Never the one to be caught up in controversy A. Keys has displayed class throughout her successful career. Her personal life is still somewhat of a mystery which keeps the public interested. Her musical talent makes her unique but her "rough around the edges" Manhattan girl persona makes her relaetable which is what i think has been the Key to her success.

Musically, maybe even fame wise there is no name bigger or no one badder than Beyonce. Some may say she's over saturated; I just say she's a hard worker. The more she does the more legendary she becomes which also makes her a tougher act to follow. What makes her story so interesting is that she didn't start off this way. We basically watched her come up from a lead singer in a successful girl group to this international superstar.

Beyonce is easy to like and easy to hate. She's either your favorite or you never want to hear her voice or see her face ever again. However you feel about her you have to give respect where respect is due. How many songs or albums did she put out that bricked? How many times did you see a pic of her looking busted or washed up? I could sit here for hours and try to come up with an answer for either question and I bet I wont come up with one.

Winner is

If there is anybody who's gonna give Beyonce competition it's Alica. Cant's be mad at who i choose either way! Who do you choose?

M.I.A. "Born Free"

Check this video out by M.I.A. Considering the new Arizona law this video's theme is interesting. Beware..some violent scenes.

Event- THE JAM @ Ella 4.27.10

Our House + Eyeris Present-
A Basement Jam Session

Performances By:


Music By:
Bonnie Danger
ETH Mills

Hosted By: Made Me, Nastyones, 
21-7 Magazine + Run & Eat Radio

9 Avenue A
10:30- 3am

Cope x Shepard Fairey Bronx Mural

Spotted @-HypeBeast

Monday, April 26, 2010

Throwback Songs of the Week, Hip-Hop Reggae R&B (1997)

Ayo! Pause (quote of the day)

"I take sacks to the face, whenever I can, don't need no cruch"

Peep the beginning of the second verse where the “PAUSE” quote is said. This line may have gotten by in the 90’s but now a days this line is a definite “PAUSE

Friday, April 23, 2010

Diddy Apologizes...(Kinda)

Remember the whole controversy when Diddy was at Greenhouse and said “If you’re not drinking Ciroc, you’re Drinking pee pee”. Then the owner of Georgi Vodka got offended and filled a toilet bowl full of Ciroc and tried to deliver it it diddy’s office.

Well Diddy finally apologized for the incident…sort of.

first "Weak" Sales

19,400 Copies in the first week

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sparrow's Samples: Sanchez- One In A Million

So I Hear That Jones Called Up Miss Info And Delivered A Public Apology To Killa...And Now There Are Rumors Of A Dipset Reunion This Summer...Can't Say Im Thrilled About That But I Know A Couple Of Knuckle Heads That Are So I Do This For Those Die Hard Dipset Fanatics....
Sanchez - One In A Million by Sparrow


For the whole month of April, I'll be doing live art @ The Funkbox ( a really ill dance party.. soulful house, classics, Afro-Latin funk) Sundays @ The Sullivan Room in NYC. The months not over & I have one more night to go.. But check out 2  pieces  I completed while vibing out so far- 

 Cardbord x Oil Pastels

I will not be told
 what to draw- 
 Acrylic x Foam Board

GYPTIAN " Hold Yuh" Remix Ft. Nicki Minaj

The Original version of this song is fresh. 
They added Nicki Minaj to the Remix and its still cool.
She's definitely flowing on some Foxy Brown shit.
Listen & lemme know if you agree.
Either way.. I still dig it.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Power Moves

Zoe Saldana is making power moves in hollywood right now. Although she's been around for a while staring in movies like "Guess Who", "Vantage Point", "Drumline", and Star Trek". Lately it seems like i see her face or hear her name everywhere i go. First it was a staring role in the huge blockbuster film "Avatar" which went on to become the top earning film in history. Last weekend i got to see her in the comedy "Death at a Funeral" co staring Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. This up coming weekend you can also catch her in the action film "Losers". Finally you can also catch her in the upcoming film "Takers" staring Chris Brown ans T.I. That four big film in about half a year's time.

New Ishh

R.I.P Guru from Gangstarr

On Monday April 19, 2008 Guru, born Keith Elam from rap group Gangstarr lost his battle with cancer. Bofore he passes he weote a letter to his fans that reads...

"I, Guru, am writing this letter to my fans, friends and loved ones around the world," the letter began. "I have had a long battle with cancer and have succumbed to the disease. I have suffered with this illness for over a year. I have exhausted all medical options."

"Solar and his family is my family and I love them dearly and I expect my family, friends, and fans to respect that, regardless to anybody's feelings on the matter. It is my wish that counts. This being said I am survived by the love of my life, my sun KC, who I trust will be looked after by Solar and his family as their own. Any awards or tributes should be accepted, organised, approved by Solar on behalf of myself and my son until he is of age to accept on his own."

"I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name likeness, events tributes etc. I had nothing to do with him in life for over seven years and want nothing to do with him in death. Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ."

Sparrow's Samples: R.I.P. Guru

Gang Starr MC Guru (born Keith Elam)Passed Away Last Night @ The Age Of 43....RIP Guru..
Joe Simon - Drowning in the Sea of Love by Sparrow


Check out DJ Stealth Bombers latest mix, an ode to Mary Jane- 
for all you that like to get lifted instead of staying grounded.
HAPPY 420!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coolest Iphone App

it's a litle expensive at $6.99 but it works pretty good....but i'm not sure you should use it with a prius.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Video: Train, Bus Or Taxi (Beemer, Benz or Bentley Remix)

Get On My Train, Bus Or Taxi, I Got My Metro Card Get At Me...LOL

First "Weak" Sales

No new albums charted this week however...

Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" certified Gold

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No More Relapse 2

Eminem just announced via his twitter page that there will no longer be a "Relapse 2" instead "Recovery" will drop on June 22nd with the majority of the album being produce by Just Blaze

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who's Hotter (Part 9)

Pushing 40, "Long hair don't care" actress Nia Long is one of the few who could pull off the short cut or long hair weave and look good either way. She's been on the scene for a minute gaining notoriety with the movie "Friday" and going on to Star in various films such as Soul Food, Love Jones, Boiler Room, Big Momma's House, and Are We There Yet?,

Nia's momentum has slowed down a bit making her most recent appearance in the Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair". Despite her slow pace movie career Nia Long is still a big name and could bounce back anytime she wanted.

Very much slept on actress Sanaa Lathan has been doing her thang on the low. Not quite a house hold name she has done major movies such as Alien VS Predator, Life, and Out of Time. Also staring in hood classics such as Love & Basketball, The Wood, and Brown Sugar.

As once said by rapper Jay-z "in the Maybach Benz, flyer than Sanaa Lathan". you know you bad when Beyonce’s husband takes notice. Sanaa’s pretty face and low key persona would give anyone good enough reason to wife Ms.Lathan.

Winner is...

Like always i could be wrong on this one too idk!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Light, Geen Light

I give this video the red light light and if you don't know why by not please get tuned!

I give this video the green light. Good concept, Melanie is killin it rite now and if you aint know get in tuned as well!


All if these vids have something in common. A trend or reoccurring theme. Watch them close and try and GUESS WHAT it is!

For the answer click on the comment section of the page!

Video: Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Don't We All....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Tiger Woods Ad with Nike

New ad features Tiger's Dead father. It's already created quite a buzz so i'm sure Nike is happy. I like it, outside the box and not shying from the controversy.

New Ishh

First "Weak" Sales

330,100 Copies in the first week (Good Debut)

110,400 Copies in the first week (Controversy Sells)

12,100 Copies in the first week (Weak)

11,900 Copies in the first week (Weaker)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Jiggy Says: Same Song (Part6)

The most overplayed songs on the radio as of lately goes like this…

#5 Drake: It’s Over

#4 Trey Songz: Neighbors Know My Name

#3 Ludacris: How Low

#2 Timberland Ft Drake: Say Something

#1 Lloyd Banks& Juelz Santana: Beamer Benz or Bentley