Monday, August 24, 2009


Free styled with some paint this weekend.
Meant to do this piece:
(Nasty Ones)

but got caught up in someother ideas and ended
up doin' something else (will share later).
Anyway, didn't get to do what I wanted but I did get some cool
pics courtesy of Sparrow... Thought I'd share.

-Mike Stylez

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Mauricio // Live from One Oak

Here's a mix tape from our homeboy, Miami's nastiest DJ, The Heavy Hitter Mr. Mauricio.

Mr. Mauricio // Live From One Oak NYC

Click here to download

An hour and a half of straight dance/electro music to keep you going and going and going, AND wanting more.. Trust!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 26 Demo

I heard this song in the car the other day (btw, thanks Mike and sophia had the windows down and the stereo up!) so it reminded me of this demo we produced awhile back. I believe the choreographer now has a nice gig with the Day 26 boys (none of which are in this video), so i guess this piece did it's job. Shameless plug here, but the video is dope nonetheless.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Our house was a success!! Shouts to The Rotten Apple Chicks ( and Third floor NY (Cedric + Anthony) for being the ILL hosts and the familia MadeMe and Nina Sky for making it the hottest party of the summer. Diplo, Ni**Sky and DJ Stealth Bomber all killed the set. The dance floors were rockin', the spot was rammed with NYC's finest and the camera was flashing. Don't believe the hype though.. Check the flicks AND Make sure you check back for info on the next installment of Our House.

ALL PHOTOS : Jack Sparrow
click photos to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double Dutch

Who would've thunk it, Japanese dominate. 

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Sunday, August 09, 2009



Check your pretentious sh*t at the door. Come as you are, long as your ass dont stink. It's a FAMILY affair w/our FAVORITE DJ's once a month, for an "open crib-esque' tell a friend to tell friend, word o' mouth, we REALLY came to dance..PARTY.


9 ave A (btwn 1st and 2nd st)


DJ Stealth Bomber


Anthony+Cedric (Third Floor New York)
Rotten Apple Chicks (


Free all night w/ RSVP
Gentlemen $5 After 12


Guitar SuperHero.

This guy is a little weird, actually a lot weird...but he may be the coolest dude on earth! Judging by the 6 million views, you may have seen it already...but so what, watch it again. Thanks to MarcL @ Relentless for showing me the clip. And Shout out to 2428!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Show Shows Shows!

Doris Cellar:
8/13/2009 8:00PM @ Bar East
1733 1st Ave, New York , New York

Freelance Whales:
8/16/2009 9:00PM @ Cameo Gallery
93 north 6th street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

8/19/2009 12:00PM @ Richard Tucker Park
66th Street & Broadway, New York, New York

8/28/2009 9:00PM @ Pianos!
158 ludlow street, New York, New York

9/25/2009 8:00PM @ Midpoint Music Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Eminem - Beautiful Music Video

I could do without the silly side of this guy, the cartoony shit, Mariah Carey crap....but when he's on he's on. My kinda video, hang in there Detroit!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009



This image was posted on Jay-Z's official website.
Could it be the Cover of THE BLUEPRINT 3 album?
Oh yes. 9.11.09 .

Monday, August 03, 2009


NINA SKY "Beautiful People" 
Produced by the Stereo Types
Click HERE to Listen and Download

Sunday, August 02, 2009


First Off...

Shout out to nasty ones for allowing me to contribute to their blog. So my weekend started Thursday Nite, where I attended The Footprints In Hip Hop Concert @ Nokia Theater in Times Sq NYC. Lineup included Mickey Factz, Keith Murray, Ghostface Killah and Redman & Method Man. Now ive seen Keith Murray peform before but nothing like this. His energy was felt throughout the whole crowd as he did classics like "The Most Beautiful Thing". He then did something I never seen before. He reaches out to the crowd and ask if they mind if he stage dove into them and crowd surfed. Crowd responded back by chanting & throwing their hands up in the air as a sign that they are ready to recieve him. He takes 3 steps back and comes flying down the stage & superman's into the crowds arm (not once but 3x). Ghostface conquered the stage next doing most of his classics from "Supreme Clientle" & had the crowd buggin when he brought out Raekwon The Chef To Do Classics Like "Cream & Incarcerated Scarfaces" Finally Red & Meth blessed the stage and just shut the place down. Meth was pulling l's straight from the crowd and blowing it down right on stage as if it was nothing. Shit got crazy when they started throwing water into the crowd & in return the crowd throwing whatever they had in their possession from cups with ice to water bottles. That was my cue to dip because I cant afford to replace my Canon 50d because of water damage. Check my facebook for some of the pics or check the article that Rap Up did...

Saturday I was in attedance for the Americas Most Wanted Tour Ft Drake, Jeezy, Soulja Boy & Lil Wayne @ Nikon Theater In Jones Beach. The only thing I have to say about this is whoever is running that tour sucks. They wanted us to shoot from the soundboard which was pretty far from the stage and with people right in front of us who are trying to enojy the concert. So pics were not happening on my end. Funny thing is I almost got kicked out because of my guerilla style of photography. I snuck away from the sound board and got into a private seating area and took advantage for the 5 secs i was able to shoot there but got snatched up quickly by security who lead me back to the soundboard area...Super Wack...But hey i tried. Cant knock me for that...


What a FLY bitch.
Shakira  - "She Wolf"
The song's ehh..  But her dancing is super sonic robotronic.

SUPER SONIC ROBOTRONIC = Sexy as hell in robot.


Nasty Ones

Wild Style
Grind House